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Our Design Philosophy

JML Landscaping feels that the your outdoor spaces should not only be the extension of your living area but be unique and functional as well as be a reflection of your lifestyle.

The Design Process

How You, the Client, Create a Relationship with JML Landscaping

  1. Making a Contact – Customers contact JML Landscaping through local advertising, referrals, or website interaction. When a contact is made, a short questionnaire will be forwarded to the customer.This questionnaire, once completed, will provide the JML representative with information relevant to the work the customer is considering. This should be returned prior to or at the beginning of the initial meeting.
  2. Initial Meetings – A meeting will be arranged between the JML representative and the customer to discuss/review the information provided on the questionnaire.An analysis of the site will be completed at that time or shortly thereafter. If available, a copy of the property survey should be provided along with any specific i
    nformation that the customer would like to be incorporated into the project.
  3. DesignProposals & Designs – A proposal will be created for the customer at this time. Depending on the scope of work and the complexity of the job, a design may also be provided.The designs may vary from plan views to 3-D color renderings depending on the expectations of the customer. There is a fee associated with the design, but it will be credited towards the project deposit once an installation contract is executed. The fee level will be discussed during this meeting. Proposals normally take 7-10 days to prepare.Designs add approximately another 7 days. Formal designs help the customer have a better understanding of what is being proposed and makes it easier for them to ask questions and incorporate their own ideas.
  4. Presentations – A presentation meeting will be scheduled to review the proposal and design that has been developed. Customer suggestions and input are encouraged at this time to assist in focusing on “fine tuning” the project concept.Our goal is for both parties to have a clear understanding of the final design at the end of this meeting. Additional requests may be made after this meeting, but the comment period is limited to no more than 2- 3 days after the presentation. At the conclusion of this meeting the agreed upon design fee will be collected.
  5. Signed Contracts – Once revisions are made and the customer and JML are in agreement, a contract will be executed and an approximate start date will be discussed. A deposit is required at the time of contract signing. The design deposit will be accounted for within this initial payment.

The Build Process

How You, the Client, Build a Relationship with JML Landscaping

  1. Project Commencement – Before the project commencement, the designer and department supervisor will meet with the customer to discuss the project schedule and cover any concerns either party may have.
  2. Project Installation and Progress – As the project progresses, changes may be made by discussing them with the designer and/or the project supervisor. Once the customer and JML representative have agreed to a specific change, a written change order will be completed to document the project change.
  3. Project Completion – Once the project has been completed, a representative will ensure all contracted work has been completed at a final walk through. If possible, the customer will be invited to join.
  4. Continuing the Relationship – A follow-up walkthrough, in the next season (spring or fall), will be performed to inspect the previously completed work. Any warranty work will be completed at this time if necessary. JML may propose to assist you with property maintenance or other landscape projects at this time. We encourage the customer to keep an open relationship with JML for advice on completed projects, future projects, or any landscape concerns in general.